I like pictures with stories, so, I like to present my subject/ galleries with content, substance, depth. I like to express the message and emotions of the pictures I am taking; how I experience them and what moved me.

Check out My Amazon Adventure gallery in Travel category. There are 8 sub galleries to enjoy, so grab a tea, sit back and allow me to take you to a trip down the Amazon and Lima, Peru.

I used 24-77mm Canon lens with weather guard feature to prevent condensation in the humid jungle. It was a heavy lens but I am happy with the results.

Updated 2/5/09

I have added "Death Valley" in Landscape Album. Check out this beautiful national park, if you still have not been there.. what are you waiting for? Check out the album and sample.

Updated 5/1/09

I have new photos of me in My Smuggie, Front of Camera. This is for my ZED card. Thanks to my crew (my dear friends) for coming to an early call and producing great pics!

Updated 5/10/09

I just added "Valley of Fire" in my Landscapes album. This place is beautiful, seeing it the second time around with my camera is like having new eyes.

Updated 5/20/09

I just returned from my recent trip to Asia. Check out Lhasa, Mt Qomolangma, and albums in Travel. I have submitted shots from the Mt Everest collection for panorama challenge, hope it gets a ribbon.

Updated 7/13/09

I have put pics from my recent trips. Bryce, Capitol Reef Natl Park, Escalante (Landscape Gallery). I also uploaded more pics from China -Travel Gallery (sorry took me a while, was busy).

Visit with the Debating Monks of Drephung Monastery ( People Gallery), it is very interesting, one of the highlights to my trip to Lhasa.

Check out the On The Way to Gyantse Road (Travel Gallery), very, very nice town on my way to the Mt Everest base camp.

I added few night shots in the Painting With Light Gallery, of the Moonrise Over Escalante, very beautiful and dreamy.

Updated 9/21/09

I have added a photography/model site, please follow the link above.

I am going to White Sands National Park ABQ end of December 09, looking forward to it!
Hoping for lots of pics from Santa Fe.

Updated 11/24/09

Check out my Fashion portfolio. New York photographer Udo made this creation. These pics are for the modeling agency portfolio. Read my post about this gig in my blog, follow the link above.

Updated 12/18/09

I added new P&S pics in my Smuggie " Profession" "family & friends" with new pics of Steph, Rakhee and I NYE 09. I also decided to start a new Gallery for just P&S, it just kept piling up.

White Sands album is up!!! Please, please see the beautiful pics from the Landscape gallery. I am so satisfied how these pictures came out. I love the place! My top 1 favorite.

I am going to India late March... oh oh oh my dream photography for culture! I am very excited.

Updated 1/21/10

Just got back from India few days ago. I have 9 galleries solely on India, at Travel category. This photo opp was very vibrant and dynamic. I was constantly on the move, taking in India from West, South and North.

Also check out great shots from Frankfurt, Germany..also found in Travel category.

Updated 4/18/10

Just finished another modeling project, this one is special to me since these are photos I am using for my book. I like to thank my friend photographer Lisa. We had lots of fun shooting this project.

The lingerie-boudoir photos are for updates for agency photos.

These albums are in Modeling Projects category.

Updated 7/12/2010

Just got back from Southeast Asia- Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. Highlight of the trip is Cambodia Ankor Wat. I am happy how the pics came out. This place is very beautiful, not a lot of photography work because the temples are in itself portraits of the past, makes an easy subject to shoot.

Updated 8/27/2011

I added photos from my recent Chicago trip, notable are Botanic Garden (Travel) and Marilyn (Architecture).

I am making up for a long break... I am exploring local places here in Vegas. So much to photograph, so little time.

Updated 9/3/2011

Local interests under Nature and Landscape albums. Its Fall light and went out to take Red Rock and favorite plants in the garden

Updated 1/8/2012

Just got back from another whirlwind trip in UAE> Highlights are The Grand Mosque in Architecture and Desert Safari. I am spending less time in post process now whenever I begin with the right composition and lighting as I take the shot. Taking the time to "create" the photo on field is fun, no time wasted on bad shots, and I have more time to enjoy the locale and with my company.

Updated 6/2012

Went hiking with a friend to Anniversary Narrows on an early Spring Sunday. Taken just 20 minutes away from Las Vegas, this place is a local secret, it is easy to get to and a fairly easy hike. The water is long gone in this part of the desert but left carvings that created these gorgeous formations.

Updated 4/2014

Sultry Sledgy in People 7/2015

Gallery : Bahrain Treasure 1/2016; Rashid Equestrian 3/2016

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